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Sorzante's gameplay for Golden Axe: Beast Rider (X360)

Sorzante played Golden Axe: Beast Rider

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Sorzante said...
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Golden Axe: Beast Rider

Golden Axe: Beast Rider (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 14/OCT/08
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What did you think of Beast Rider?
It's OK, at times the combat gets really good, but it always falls apart. It tries to play like DMC but it's just not as fluid. That said, I've played much worse games.
Try controller config #6. It switches your parry/evade to the triggers instead of the bumpers. Felt a lot more natural for me. Also, I can send you a list of brutal counters. Each enemy is susceptible to a particular attack after a successful evade/parry. If you time it right, you kill em in one hit and there is an awesome death animation for each. Once you get this timing down, the game gets awesome. If you don't have the timing, or don't know the right counter (the game never tells you this!) you may never get the finishers.
Shoot, maybe it's controller config #4. I don't remember, but check them out, the default is not the best.
Hey speaking of, maybe you know: I remember the blue and orange lights are parry/evade, but what about the green and pink lights? I know it probably told me at some point, but I either missed that or forgot. The enemy beast riders are owning me.
Thanks for the tips, though! I'm going to try them out when I get home from work.
The green (weak) means you can parry OR evade, your choice. I suggest using evade, as counters are easier to time after an evade. Timing brutals after a parry is super hard. The timing is MUCH quicker whereas the brutal counter after an evade is actually to wait just a fraction of a second before you counter. The pink ones are tough. I think there is actually a pink and a purple/red. One of them means you can only jump to avoid it. The other one means you're about to get rocked, so just get ready. :) Basically "jump" is your third avoidance technique, and certain rare attacks can't be avoided that I can tell.

With regard to the enemy beast riders, they are cake. Just RUN up to them, JUMP, then kick (pushback attack) while in midair. If you do this properly, you'll do a brutal pushback (flaming kick) that will knock them off the saddle (even off the mirigore!). Then start pounding the "mount" button so you can get into the saddle before they recover. You'll actually get to the point where you are happy to see an enemy beast coming, because then you can just steal it and use it against them.
Yeah I am still working on my timing, but I'm getting it most of the time. You're right, though, the evade timing window is much easier to hit than the parry one.
Hey, I just friended you, saw you're playing Fuel, how you liking it? I was thinking about picking it up.
it's not perfect by any means, but if you have played and liked any of Codemaster's other recent games, you will probably like it. Try the demo and see if you can get along with the driving/physics. That is most important, because you'll be doing a LOT of driving, which brings me to the best part of the game: they are not lying, the game is HUGE. I estimate it would take at least 4 hours to drive from corner to corner of the map. Creating races is a little clunky, but being able to create a race that goes anywhere on the entire map is damn cool. As soon as we (a couple friends and I) open up all the areas, we'll set aside a Saturday to create a circuit all the way around the map and see how long it really takes. The A.I. is downright brutal, too. Some races are just a matter of repetition until you can nail a perfect line and win. 1st place only, 2nd or 3rd will not advance you in the career.
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